Monday, May 16, 2011

A Few Parting Shots!

Hi there!

Well I am on my way out of the Maldives. Coming back in a couple of months but I I do plan to keep on posting from back in Canada. Believe me I have more than enough images to keep me going, not to mention a few stories to go with them.

I normally post anywhere from 15 to 20 pictures a week but on this one it will be just the 5! I am simply to busy getting my stuff in order before I leave to focus on the blog this week. None the less I can't help myself and I have to post a few!

It seems every time I ride home on the evening Dhoni I see the same bunch fishing off the harbour entrance seawall. I actually have a ton more of this group that I plan sort out for another blog entry , here are few samples!

It was an amazing sunset after a day that at times brought heavy rain so the light was fantastic. Just a glow.

From the other side of the company Dhoni was this view! An awesome view I caught while sitting atop the Dhoni!

A proud Captain! You may recall Arif from a previous post I did. Well he has been recently upgraded to Captain. Does he look happy or what!

Just before I took the previous image I got this one of the boys landing in the Lagoon at Soneva.

Even with the added pressure of me taking the picture they still manage to grease her on for a smooth landing. Believe me they definitely knew I was taking their picture because I was perched atop the wing of another plane with that huge zoom lens of mine!

Anyway as I said a short post this week! As always thanks for taking the time to stop by for a visit!

See ya soon Maldives!

One of the Barefoot Pilots!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Picnic ,A Rasdoo Walk About And Some More Images From The Past Week

Hello and welcome once again or perhaps welcome for the first time!

Whether it is your first time or 50th time I am happy to have you come to my corner of the internet.

This is a site dedicated to the Maldives and the images I capture as I fly the sky's. Perhaps best summed up again by the Boys of the "Tragically Hip" from their song "Looking For A Place To Happen " there are a couple of line's in that song that really speaks to me.....

"I've got a job, I explore, I follow every little whiff And I want my life to smell like this" and of course "Looking for a place to happen making stops along the way "

This week I was on a picnic trip with people from China,Taiwan and Japan. First leg took us to the island of Heenfaru which is the picnic island then later in the day it was off to one of the local islands named after the Atoll of the same name, Rasdoo.

When we got to Rasdoo I did my own little walk about , taking advantage of my time there to take pictures. As I was walking around I bumped into a fellow named Ali. We got to talking and before long he invited me into his home! I met his family, he made me coffee and we chatted about stuff that was going on in the Capital City of Male'. He also showed me his new business which sold ice cream, milkshakes and fruit smoothies!

Now I felt pretty bad because I had left my cash in the plane which was tied to a floating platform at this point. Normally I would have my wallet with me of course but on picnic flight's we do a bit of swimming ourselves to pass the time and the company I work for allows us to fly in beach shorts after the first leg. This is an exception on these flights. I know rough life isn't it!

In any case Ali and his sister were more than happy to give me a free sample of ice cream and of course I am more than happy to promote their new venture any way I can. So if you are in Rasdoo any time soon please give Ali a call at 778.7438 ! He is sure to greet you and escort you to his store and in my mind you'd be helping a hard working gentleman make a go of it!

Inspiration was plentiful this week ! With the cooperation of the weather I was rewarded with some amazing moments to record. Lets get started shall we!

On this morning ,for whatever reason, my first flight was cancelled . So as the sun peeked out from the Eastern horizon I was ready with my camera. Way at the end of the Alpha Jetty my plane for the day sits alone awaiting the moment we light her up and go airborne for the first journey of the day.

While taking photos of the plane a couple of our traffic staff came down to strike a pose. I gave this one the black and white treatment. Seems to fit the mood! Love to know what you think!

On to the picnic I spoke about in the opening of this post.

The tide was low when we arrived at Heenfaru to we had to moor it to a long rope , one end of which is secured to the island the other is tied to a cement block out in the lagoon.

I really like this image! I had to wade around in the water with my camera so I was more than a little bit worried about my equipment. It was well worth the effort and I can report no equipment was harmed in the taking of this photograph ; ) !

On arrival to our second stop I left my crew at the cafe' , the tourists with their guide and walked the streets looking for interesting subject matter. This is one of a Dhoni in dry dock.

Palm trees are everywhere providing much needed shade on these hot and humid days!

Streets of Rasdoo. Such a different feel to them than that of Male'. Quiet and serene .

And here we have Ali!

Proudly posing in his new business. I love what having a camera does to enhance my world. I seek out images and as result I find myself in places or situations I may not have been apart of had I not had a camera with me.

In this case I got to meet Ali and his lovely family! Again if you find yourself in Rasdoo and looking for refreshment give him a call 778.7438 !

An old building that I had to photograph. Just something about it drew me to it. Can't really say why I felt so compelled to take a picture but sometimes you just do what you do. No need for explanation or reason. I just thought it would make a great image. I hope you agree.

So after my walk about around Rasdoo I hopped on the Dhoni with my passengers. While they were out snorkeling I stayed aboard and got this shot of some fisherman. I love the silhouette look that shooting this with full sun in the background caused. I love the black and white because I think it gives it a compelling look and feel!

One of the guides standing at the bow of the Dhoni. Keeping an keen eye out for the reef as we approach it in the bright sun.

I got myself as far forward as I dared to get this one of everyone getting ready to hit the water.

Here is a look from my office I am more than happy to share. This shot looking southwards at the North Ari Atoll.

Hanging around Athuruga Resort , by the restaurant that is located over the water. So many Reef Sharks! Very cool and again so glad to be taking the time to explore every island to its fullest extent.

On the days when the visibility is at its best I simply must take pictures of the Capital Male'! Such a unique looking city. A dot on the map in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean!

Hanging around the W Resort one day I was presented with this opportunity! A Heron patrolling the beach looking for a little lunch. He stopped here to pose in front of a Dhoni!

Again at the W Resort . Love the angles on this. How inviting does that swing chair look!

So ending the post here. A sunset over the Indian Ocean! The fleeting moments of the day that was as the sun lowers below the cloudy horizon.

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed this look around the Maldives!

I am very happy to announce that I was asked to do an article for a new site promoting the Maldives! What an honour! Please follow this link to Island Maldives to check it out along with many other great insights into the Maldives!

Till the next time ......

One of the Barefoot Pilots!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Sky and Light Winds This Week!

Well this week the Western Monsoon took it easy on us. Funny how the weather can work but I am sure the thousands of passengers we carried this past week were happy to be here with the sun shining on them. Though the wind was steady it was really of no consequence as it barely rose above 18 knots or there about. Makes our job look easy!

Photographic inspiration surrounds me at the best of times and at times it really seems as if there isn't anything I won't take an image of! This week, after a little bit of rain early on,you could see for twenty miles or more! The rain filters out the haze and really provides me amazing visibility to fly around in and to to take pictures of.

Not sure how long it is going to stay this way as we are due for some bigger storms none the less in the few weeks I have left here I plan to take full advantage of the circumstances! Now when I say in my remaining weeks this is not to say I am going for good, only to say I will be away for awhile ,soon to be back home in the loving arms of my family!

Okay on to this weeks pictures!

Just can't get enough of the way these coral reefs and the way stretch out towards the horizon.

Row upon row and with such perfection! This shot is of the Eastern side of the North Male atoll about twenty miles North of the capital city Male'.

In this one I captured the image of the Eastern side of the Lahviyani Atoll just after we left the resort of Palm Beach.

I will diverge a little here and show you this image of one my companies Twin Otters landing in Male on the West bound water way.

Another landing shot. On some days we shut down at a resort for a few hours. On this particular day, after having a lovely lunch at Diva resort, I was able to take this one of one our planes landing just over one of the sandbars. Love the little girl in the foreground enjoying the warm day, though it made me miss my sons!

On the way back to Male' I was able to get this one of Mr. Branch and his crew as he and his crew cruised by the Island Capital!

Here is one of our competitors making their way up to the BAA Atoll. Love how the cloud provided such a nice backdrop!

Down south in the Meemu Atoll. Simply breath taking, in my humble opinion!

Now I actually didn't do a picnic this week but non the less I wanted to share it with you. Tied out from the beach because of the low tide and changing sand! Not to worry though when everyone is in bathing suits it is really no big deal to walk to the beach from here.

A little look at the office.

Such a unique way to spend your vacation. A water villa that extends out onto the reef with your own private pool!

Just look at that water, how inviting is that water!

Hey thanks for stopping by . I love to share these images with all of you!

Till the next time,


One of the barefoot pilots!