Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome back to my blog. Perhaps you have tuned in because of my shameless facebook plug!What ever works right!

Those of you who I work with are already quite aware of my photo fetish as I tend to bring the camera with me everywhere I go! For those of you who don't know me that well...I bring my camera everywhere I go! : )
Whatever reason you find yourself viewing these pages welcome and enjoy my take on the past week of flying barefoot in the Maldives.
At the start of my week, which in this month begins on Saturday, the Western Monsoon was a raging! Lots of wind and rain. Through all of it we got the job done. This not to say that everything went smoothly but for the most part I think things went pretty well. Though I am sure that the guests who paid money for vacation in the sun would have preferred a lot less liquid sunshine!
By the end of the end of my week the weather was fantastic and I had an incredible day at the beach with my lady in red,white and green!
Check it out.......
(don't forget to click the picture to expand it for a better look)

The Maldives are pretty much under the cloud but if you look hard to the West( left) of Sri Lanka you will see the little dots that are the Maldives.
Its all about team work here at Maldivian Air Taxi and these smiling team members were all to happy to strike a pose for me. Thanks to Ahmed, Terry and Kutchie!

Now this guy always has a smile! One of the newest Captains here in the Maldives but he brings a lot of experience with form the US Virgin Islands. Next time I will post one of Pawel looking at the camera!

My buddy Nasif trying to take a picture of me. Turn about fair play!Jeff Luron taking a look around before the next shower hits the float base.Now to take a moment away from the float base. The angry Indian Ocean by Twin Islands, our alternate landing area when it is to rough for the landing and take off at the resort named Centara.The calm spot still a little rough. I took this shot just prior to the next "squall line" coming through.

On the way back to the base this is what Male looked like through the windscreen of the aircraft.
A nice look at the runway that is right beside our float base.
Some of our newest pilots learning the ropes as well as dealing with the rain.
Everyone does their best to keep the passengers dry on their way to and from the airplanes.Most definitely a special VFR day in Male. Two of my colleagues taxi's down the North East taxiway while another one lands behind him on the North Right. Angie and Larissa are away right now so it is pretty safe to say him!
As they continue to taxi in a Trans Maldivian Airplane lands on the North Bound Right water way.
On all days people at Air Taxi work as a team. Doing our best to keep the guests happy under difficult circumstances!Kudy on his way to the main dock after refilling the Twin Otter for its next trip out.And through it all many of us are able to keep the smile. Though Dave maybe smiling extra hard because his new Ipad is not only his favorite thing ever the bag he bought for is actually keeping it dry!
I did mention it was raining didn't I. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the cabin attendants on days like these. I have to say I appreciate a hard working CA everyday but perhaps more so on days like these.
And after he ties the plane to the dock,unloads it,reloads it and fuels it Kutchie is still smiling. Love the umbrella dude!
Not everyone is smiling though! I hope they don't read this post because they may be a little disappointed to see how nice the weather gets a few days later.
Raining so hard the camera was a little hard to focus!
Very lonely sun chairs!
So much fun! I did mention it was Monsoon season didn't I?
But as the week went on the rain eased off. Still a little windy but much dryer!
This is more like it!

Then the early morning Monday was worth getting up for!

Muslim strikes a pose for me! Looking cool man!

Mike Alpha Bravo our plane painted in the Conrad colours, you know what that means. An overnight at the Conrad!Sweet! I will be posting some pictures of that place in days to come.

If you have to get up at 3:45 to go to work it is nice to see this when you arrive at the base!

Picnic day! On our way to Heenfaru, which is a picnic island used by the Club Med resort, I was lucky enough to get this shot!

While there I got some nice shots of the island and the plane before I put on the snorkel gear that JoJo was kind enough to bring for me.

I know that guy on the National Geographic Channel has a show called the best job in the world but I have to say that on days like these I would give him a run for his money!

Its all about perspective isn't it!

Not much more I can say about this photo!

My last job was in the Democratic Republic of Congo flying the CRJ but I have to say I really missed this job.........and I really don't miss flying in shoes!

Missed this stuff so very, very much. I wish the family was with me...the only thing missing. You think I may be able to convince my wife again?!?
Yeah yeah ,I am very white and getting a little older but eat your heart out!lol! Who was that guy again with the best job in the world! ; )
Well I this post with a look at the city of Male.
and a shot of my tiny little apartment close the Male surf beach.

So glad you took the time to have a look. Comments are welcome, name updates questions that sort of thing. Keep it clean though because my kids read this!

Till the next time......

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  1. Honey, I know I might be biased but these are by far your best images to date. They are awesome and so are you!!! I'm glad you 're doing the blog thing again even though it's alot of work. Can't wait to be in business with the man with the most awesome job and family!!!

    Lots of love and pride
    Sophie xoxox