Tuesday, March 29, 2011

People, Places And Of Course Planes!

Hello there ! Welcome to my online photographic journal of my adventures here in the Maldives! This past week I was once again enjoying the calm period that separates the Eastern and Western Monsoon. Not sure exactly when the Western Monsoon will come a knocking but in the mean time I will enjoy the lovely weather.

As it is with most weeks I have been quite busy flying around barefoot here in the Maldives, always with a camera by my side! I was looking for a theme for this week and I have decided to go with a wider spectrum than the week before.

I hope you will enjoy the people,place and planes I have had the privileged to photograph this week!

I will kick things off with this one I took while I was hanging around with a group of guests we were taking for a picnic and snorkeling day. I normally don't join them for the snorkeling from the Dhoni, usually just hang around the island of Rasdoo waiting for them to return. Really glad I went this time! Love this shot!

On the way back to home base one day we were able to catch up with my colleagues flying 8Q-MAO(the registration on the aircraft pictured here) . Flying by the Capital City of Male' with the airport in the background!

My friends pulled up on the beach at Palm beach resort. It is from the collection of images I got from the week before. This one was taken from the other side as we maneuvered around the island to set up our landing.

Nothing like a zoom lens and a great opportunity!

I keep saying it, I never get tired of this view! I can't imagine ever taking it for granted!

We were done for the day around 4:30 pm on this day so I had time to get some nice late day pictures. The next three are of Janick the water sports centre base leader taking his Seadoo out for a test run!

Looks almost as fun as flying a Twin Otter!

He really made it move! I have to say I was wishing it was me riding and him taking the pictures! LOL!

Okay I am kind of all over the place here as I am leading you back to the picnic day! Oh well I am all over the place here in the 'Dives so it kind of seems appropriate at times for my blog posts go that way as well! This shot is of the Dhoni Captain. While I was on top of the Dhoni Ismail came up for a little chat and graciously allowed me to photograph him.

On our way back to get the plane, Echo, the GRO in charge of the tour , came up to do a bit of modeling. This was to be her last tour , a few days later she was on her way home to Wenchuan in Sichuan province. I hope I got that right!

My two friends and partners for the picnic day. Love the cool pose here on the beach at Heenfaru! Mausim on the right and Azm on the left. Cool guys that I really enjoy working with!

Back at the base the boys caught me taking their picture! Big smile and a wave!

As I cruised the streets of Male today taking photos I asked this fellow and his friends if I could take their picture. They were happy to oblige! Samsoo looking pretty relaxed in this one!

In this one are , Malomeer and Kamal. Cool guys. We chatted for a bit, despite our language barrier. A smile and a kind word are universal!

I don't much in the way of up close portrait shots. that being said I am really happy I stepped out of comfort zone and composed this one.

The were so patient and gracious with me. I am not sure if I will see them again in this city of, by some estimates, 100,000 faces. If I do though I am confident they and I will stop to shake hands and to share a smile.

Back to the planes now!
In this one I caught Chris Tuttle and Cameron Mears landing at Velidhu resort! I got this one while standing on the wing of the aircraft I was flying. It is probably obvious, though I do consider myself a multi-tasker, I wasn't flying at the time! We had tied to a buoy to allow Chris and his crew to drop off their passengers at the Jetty.

An aerial shot of one our planes manoeuvring on the East side of Palm Beach resort. The guests often get some great photo ops!

Well as the post winds down I will end with a few sunsets and a sunrise. In this one I stood at the entrance of the Presidents Jetty to frame the sun and Dhoni as it traveled by!

A dhoni just across from the Presidents jetty.

Not a bad way to start the day. I just got to work as this perfect scene was unfolding. I quickly got the camera out a captured this sunrise.

So glad you found the time to check out my blog. All comments are welcome!

Till the next time...

One of the barefoot pilots!

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