Thursday, September 23, 2010

Palm Beach

An amazing resort! Palm Beach is so fantastic, long island , beautiful sand, coral reefs of course and lets not forget the pretty Italian woman who lounge in the beach!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hey there!
I just had a look at the calendar and it looks like I have about 5 more weeks until I return to the Maldives. As fall approaches the West Coast of Canada I am not about to say that I can't wait to to get back to the Maldives, BC is pretty spectacular and certainly being home with my family are at least two of the reasons I want to be here.
That being said however I am looking forward to seeing everyone again, flying barefoot and staying at some of the nicest resorts on the planet, to name a few reasons as to why! The Maldives to me are a special place that I feel very lucky to be apart of the scene there.
I am quite aware that I am not the first photographer to say, realize, that I often find myself observing the little details that make up my Universe. Not all the details, most certainly, but I do tend to see things slow down to the 1/60 shutter speed! With that perspective I find my thoughts wondering into a philosophical realm and in my opinion gives my brain some much needed exercise!
"People who try to explain pictures are usually barking up the wrong tree." Pablo Picasso
So on that note very few explanations will be given!
The Dhoni line up! Waiting for the call to take people over to the Airport.

The Island, city of Male', at the end of a long day. Sun on the western horizon soon to be gone 'till the morning.

On my last night in Male' I was walking back to the apartment when I had to stop take pictures. This was taken on the east side of the city at the surf beach. Experienced surfer only!

I wasn't the only one fascinated by the big waves.

Taken by the Airport Dhoni jetty in Male'.
It has been nice to have you back to look at the images I have been able to capture! I hope you will return for more!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Its Been Awhile

Well I have left the Maldives for the time being, be back there in October to pick up where I left it.
When I was on my way home I really had it in my head that I would be committed to maintaining a weekly post! Well that hasn't happened. Arriving back home has filled my days with other concerns. In large part most of the concerns are with spending time with my family so I have taken a few weeks off from the blog thing.
We have done a lot of cool things in the past couple of weeks . Some great photos to display but that will be for our other blog we do for our photography studio SophiePhoto. I will be sure to post some links on my facebook and any other place that will let me place a link!
Being home has been quite amazing indeed but still my heart is in the seaplane I left behind. Don't get me wrong now, I miss the family more than I miss the Twin Otter none the less I do miss that other life I have in the Maldives!

Who would argue against the statement " this scene greeting you in the morning is nothing less than inspirational!"

Mr Carrington leaving the lagoon at the Hilton Maldives. This was a great for me, done at 1300 , wind surfing after lunch and a beach villa close to the restaurant!

Chris Tuttle landing at the Hilton. That water is something else,amazing colour! I have to say though can be a bit tricky getting in and out of this place because is it as small lagoon with a lot of traffic not to mention the complications a big wind can provide!

Just before lunch I was able to get this one. Looks pretty imposing with those "cells" approaching! This one is also taken at the Hilton which is up
North in the Noonu Atoll.

Two of our planes shutdown for the day by the Centara Resort which is in the South Ari.

On my last night in Male I walked down to the surf beach. Here we have the look out where the surfers watch their buddies. The waves were huge on this day and I have many more pictures to post in the coming days.

Self portrait. Well not really I suppose as my buddy Muslim took the photo for me!
Well a short one this time around. I hope you enjoyed the images.