Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Journey

The Journey.

It can be hard to take the time to consider the journey at the moment it is happening. Life can be busy and at times overwhelming, all to easy to get lost in the fine print. I know for myself that there are times when I have to actively consider fleeting moments in bigger light rather than get bogged down with the tiny details which threaten the flavour of my journey.

When I am out with my camera , just on my own, I am more prone than at any other time to really savour the life I own. I think, I hope, that this helps me to take better pictures. To elevate the everyday that is my reality and share it with all that wish to give it their concern.

When I flew single pilot in the North of Canada I spent hours gazing at the tremendous scenery all the while considering the majesty of it all. I would also take the time to consider the journey I was on thus far and how it was that I came to be there at that particular moment. Context is important

I feel pretty lucky if not blessed to have the life I do. It seems that the fuel for my inspiration is never far away! I know that I am not the only one, that is a certainty! My friend James (Jimbo) Pearce has been kind enough to share his musings about his journey that has been and will be. A great poem for you to consider.

Thank you so much Jimbo for sharing it with me and my blog community!


Under a cold and starry night, somewhere over a lonely sea,

Two PT6’s warm my soul and thoughts of my past .... they comfort me.

I am a lonely rogue of the sky,

I seek no remorse where I choose to fly.

An airman of fortune, at home anywhere,

A trusted friend, for those who will care.

I control my craft with defining grace

And tears of joy may stain my face.

I dive and roll and loop and spin,

The love of flight in the air so thin.

I skim the rivers in a Northern land

Of evergreens and rock and sand.

As the clouds and painted sky unfold,

The setting sun shimmers, like a sea of gold.

The billowing ramparts ascend to the stars,

Where the lightning explodes and the thunder jars.

The currents of air may pound my bones

And hail may slam my wings like stones.

And through the storm, I kept my head

And emerged intact, after all was said.

So I lived to fly another day

My head held high, it was my way.

Life may be hard, but Life is real,

For tough decisions, there is no appeal.

To err is human …. there are few regrets,

I am stronger now to face other threats.

Like an albatross, on the course of Life,

My destination …… beyond the strife.

Family and friends remain close to my heart,

A lonely existence when we’re apart.

A thousand departures and a thousand arrivals

They are always the same, to ensure my survival.

A cup of black coffee before I begin,

And when the sun goes down, I am into the gin.

My sense of humor is always alive,

My gutsy pride and my will to survive.

I am certain, I don’t push the odds.

I am old and wise, and there is a God.

In a far away land, I am but a squatter.

I chose the back roads …. I fly a Twin Otter.

Home from the Coral, home from the Ice,

Home from the North, I have paid a dear price.

So scatter my ashes on a gentle sea.

I am not dead …. Remember me.



This is a poem for all of the HOG pilots from all over the world. We are a special group of aviators and this poem will describe a little of all of us …. and a lot of some of us. It goes beyond the politics of aviation and reminds us of the pure joy of flight in one of the finest aircraft ever built. When the bullshit of life starts to over-whelm you, read this poem and remember what is really important to you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Many thanks and Happy Landings.