Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sunrise,Sunset and a Little Night Life of Male'

Hello and welcome to the Barefoot Pilot Blogosphere! My weekly posting of the images I have captured while flying around the Maldives.

As I develop this blog I experiment with the design of the site as it relates to font,links and photos etc. I include links to maps , the official web pages of the resorts as well as links for some of the words I use. So if you see a coloured word in the text give it a click and see where it takes it you. Just make sure you come back to my site when your done! ; )

So this week was a great one for the weather. I would like to say that the perhaps we are seeing the the doldrums approaching but that may provoke the Western Monsoon to spank me when I go to work tomorrow!

My week starts on a Saturday and last week though my first trip was not until around 10:00 I was scheduled for the 5:00 Dhoni (this definition has pictures but the one we ride on ,I can assure does not have a sail! If you review a previous post you will see a few pictures of the ones we ride on) Anyway the day started early but with my camera in hand I took advantage of the early wake up call. Or at least I think I did, you be the judge.....

Such an amazing sky to wake up to. Getting up at 3:45 is more than a little bit hard to do for me but my reward was being able to capture this shot. The shutter was open for 30 seconds for this one

Getting a chance to get these images are priceless to me. I feel so lucky to do what I do and the changing scenery that being a pilot as provided me.

I still remember the anticipation I felt after taking a photo with my Minolta SLR using film. Having to wait until it was developed before seeing the result.

I can tell you I sill feel that anxiety wondering if the shot worked, only now I get the results so much faster. Many thanks to the technicians behind the development of digital SLR's and computers!

As I mentioned I had a later departure, actually only the one trip and that was straight to Soneva by Six Senses , Soneva Fushi. Located in the Baa Atoll Northwest of Male.
A beautiful resort with an inspiring environmental message. For more information on that aspect please check out there site.

As for the plane you will notice the custom paint job. Wait till you see the interior!

Cadillac! Not many Twin Otters look like this inside. We have two!

Watching a sunset by myself is a strange experience. I can't ignore the beauty it offers, the changing colours mixing up the sky. At the same time it does cause me to miss the ones I love at home.

Here I have a shot of the Soneva Fushi resort island in the foreground and the next lagoon over is our landing/taking off area.

Now we have left Soneva Fushi behind and in this picture we have Four Seasons Maldives
at Landaa Giraavaru
. Another resort in the Baa Atoll Northwest of Male. I love this picture. I normally keep the engine out of the frame but I thought that this angle and the gold contrast was quite appealing.

Now it is time for some pictures around Male and Hulhumale. First up I have a picture of the Presidents Jetty on the Hulhumale side. Located just beside the area where we pick up the Dhoni to go to Male.

At their request I took a picture of Azmeel and his lovely wife just before we boarded the Dhoni. I lost his email address so he may have to wait a few more days to get a copy. Sorry as Azmeel!

On one of the rides back to Male I got on the roof of the Scope 5 Dhoni in order to get some pictures of the sunset. I missed the best part of the sunset but none the less I think I got some good shots. This was is one of my favorites with the subject not only being the sunset but also the fishing Dhoni that us by.

On the the North side of Male there is the Golden Mosque.

Male is a colourful city. Very densely packed with narrow and at times chaotic streets. But there is symmetry in the chaos.

Walking home can be quite an adventure but if you learn to use your peripheral vision effectively then you will do just fine! The cars and motorcycles will drive around you, just don't stop in the middle of the street once you start to move, that will throw the timing off all together!

Those who have and still do walk the streets of Male will know exactly what I am talking about!

So nice to walk when the rain isn't falling!

As I stood on the corner of one of the busier intersections and opened the shutter for 20 seconds and caught this scene.

As I end this post I leave you with this picture I got right by the flag pole you saw in a earlier photo. 30 seconds caught in one image.

Hey I hoped you enjoyed your visit. I am leaving soon but I have so many pictures I do plan to update when I back in Canada. Though no guarantees as priority number one will be time with my wonderful and very supportive family.

If you like any of the images you see here please comment and let me know. Actually even if you don't like them or have some constructive criticism that could help me as a photographer then please make those known as well.

So long.......


  1. hey this is really awesome...the wordings are fantastic
    photography is really good and thats my colleague aneel in the 9th picture...:D
    I hope u remember me from maldivian air taxi :D

  2. Thank you so much Ramih! You really had to dig for this post which means to me that you must have gone through quite a bit of my blog.
    I really do appreciate the kind comments about my photography along with my way of writing about them!
    Please be sure to walk up to me at work and say hi! I am sure that I know you!