Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Post Before I Head Back Home

Hi there and welcome to my blog depicting the images I capture while flying barefoot around the Maldives!

I have put together a collection my most recent photo's in a two new books!

I  am very excited about this and even more excited to let you know that they are both available as Ibooks for your Iphone or Ipad! So please have a look!
Well this latest tour of mine in the Maldives is drawing to a close. By this time next week I will be back in Canada. It will no doubt be a bit of temperature adjustment for me but I am looking forward to being home with my family. As much as I like it here in the Maldives it does feel like this last tour was a little  long for me. I miss that family of mine!

 I will miss ,however, getting these images of this amazing country! The past little while has been nothing short of a spectacular which I hope you will agree!

I love these islands! We pass them on the way through the Baa Atoll all of the time and I must have 100 or more pictures of them from various angles and heights!

Hows this for some calm water! I got this one while waiting on the floating platform at Constance Halaveli! To the right side of the image is Maayafushi Island Resort.

And speaking of Constance Halaveli!

A shot of our dock back at the main base in Male'.

I love a golden sunrise!

And so does Pawel!

Just hanging around! Much like I was on this day touring around Soneva, 6 Senses!

An ever so comfortable hammock!

As I mentioned earlier in this post the views of late have been nothing short of spectacular!

This shot and the preceding are of the Vaavu Atoll!

The glorious South Male' Atoll as it stretches in to the Northern Horizon !

Not many airports look like this!

As I close out this post, along with my latest tour I give you the glassy water of the North Ari Atoll as it stretches into the Southern Horizon.

I am so glad you stopped by for a look. I hope you liked what you have seen here! Please share with your friends.

More posts will come so check back soon. Even though I will be back in Canada for awhile I have plenty of images to keep me going !

All the best.

Rob , one of the Barefoot Pilots!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From Around The Captial City

 Hi there and welcome to my blog filled with images of the Maldives.

In this post I turned the lens towards the people of the city of Male along with  other images that I found intriguing.  

Male'  is a  city with tremendous appeal to the photographer in me. So much going on at any one moment! It is rare that I leave my apartment without my camera and that usually pays dividends in the form of photographic opportunities!I hope that you will agree as you browse my latest collection of images!

The streets of the capital city of Male'. Cars, motorcycles and people fill them.

A kind heart and warm smile can brighten the day.

Just hanging around outside the movie theatre with a cart full of things to sell.

Street corner scenes as I try to blend in and just observe.

I am not so naive as to believe that I blend in all that well but sometimes it does feel easier than others.

On this day I felt like I was catching the everyday scenes that best represents the Male' I know.

A busy city with people from all walks of life.

Tucked  into the Southwest corner of Male' is a busy harbour, jammed pack with every shape and size of Dhoni imaginable!Such a bonus to be able to show you the birds eye view before I get to the images of what I captured at ground level.

Perhaps the reason I feel drawn to places like this is because I grew up in coastal town.

There is just something so appealing to me about a busy port.

What is so cool for the photographer in me is that I can walk around freely in this place. There is a good chance I would be not given such access to an industrial shipping yard back in North America.

Here though I go unhindered.

I admit I feel as if I am being watched as much as I am watching.

But for the most part though it is as if I am not even there.

I really like this one! The size of that anchor is just so intriguing to me when compared to the size of the dingy. Of course he was bringing out to a much larger Dhoni, but none the less!

A golden Mosque,Viyafaariveringe Miskiy, rising out of the green!

A city that loves the motorcycle!

The entrance to Viyafaariveringe Miskiy Mosque.

When I am  far from home I see things in places others call home intriguing. As a result when return to the place I call home I realize how special and intriguing it is. 

I hope you have enjoyed the images of Male'! I will be back soon with another post which will no doubt return to the birds eye view of a birds I view that this blog has become known for.

Take good care.
Rob one of the barefoot pilots.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Golden Glow And The Deep Blue

 Hello and welcome to a barefoot pilot/photographers blog. An online photo journal dedicated to the Maldives as recorded through the lens of my camera! 

The past few weeks the weather has been nothing short of spectacular. Mostly calm winds and clear sky's. There has been the odd rain shower but with them few and far between the only impact they have had is providing some awesome contrast to some of the following images!

On some of the days over the past week the mornings have been truly awe inspiring.Giving me the opportunity to capture the morning light in ways  only seen every once and awhile. Brilliant gold and orange!

During midday the light conspired with the  outstanding visibility to paint a canvas of deep blues and greens. Perfect weather  not only for flying but also showcasing the amazing beauty of the Maldives!

 Morning at the seaplane base. This one and the next one are quite similar , I admit! I really couldn't decide which one to post. So seeing how I am the editor as well as the photographer for this blog I made the executive decision to post both! This one is just moments before the sun rose.

 And this one is taken just past daybreak! You just know the day will be a good one when it start like this!

  Now the next two are taken on a different morning. Easily one of the most amazing sunrises in recent memories!

I have to admit when my alarm goes off at 3:50  in the morning I am less than thrilled to drag my sorry butt out of bed! When you are greeted by these sights you tend to be re-energized!

 As the day gives way to the bright sun it often  gets a bit hazy. Not this past week however! There were times when the visibility was 30 miles,50 km's, and then some!

 The puffy clouds reflect from the glassy water below.

 Who would argue with me when I tell them that the Maldives are truly amazing!

At times I have to admit I feel a little bit spoiled to have such a view!

 I am quite certain there is the odd photographer who wishes he/she had the access that I do.

What do you think!

As I move around the Maldives there are times when we have the chance to hang out at the resorts we fly to.  The next three images I got while walking around Constance Moofushi!
This one is of a shark herding fish!

Now the shark wasn't eating them, seemed more like he was just playing with them. This guy however was most definitely eating the little fish!

Beach chairs and chariot!

Up at Royal Island I managed to get a shot of this fellow pruning a Palm Tree.

Back at the seaplane base now for a shot of the boys walking in from a hard days work!

Putting the planes to bed for the evening on of engineers is giving her a once over in the dying light of the late afternoon sun!

I love catching people when they don't know I am there! Natural looking!

Captain Ben on his way out for one last trip!

And this happy fellow is done for the day!

No post of mine would be complete without some shots of the Twin Otter landing!

Love the Palm Trees in the background!

Now for some sunsets!

The day closes with a glow!

I have heard some say that sunsets are cliche. Maybe on some days but certainly not on these days.

Good night !

That's all for now. I hoped you like what you saw here! Please stop by again and share with others!

See ya!

One of the barefoot pilots!