Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome Back

Well I am back in the Maldives camera in hand, keen to seek out new and stimulating images to share with everyone who follows my blog.

My latest project, the book "From the pages of" has given me a whole new avenue to distribute my collection go photographs. I have to say I am very pleased with the response I have had and I thank you all for your kind comments!

In fact it seems that my little book as drawn the attention of an up and coming Travel Journal based here in the Maldives. As I understand it they are very close to launching it live to the web so I will be sure to post a link once I have it. In the meantime I must tell you I had one of the reporters contact me to discuss my blog and my book. Wow, so cool! So as luck would have it I was able sit down yesterday with Donna Richardson for a lunch and pool side chat! So much fun to be connecting and networking! I can't wait to share the article here!

Life is a grand adventure and I feel so lucky to have this ongoing adventure as result of my aviation background along with passion for photography. I thank you all for your warm wishes and comments keep them coming!

Well on to some pictures! I had a couple of days at work and was able to get these.....

8QMAH taxiing in at Palm Beach just as the sun sets.

After catching that image of MAH I still had just enough time to get this one as well. Sun going down, guest's basking in the warm glow bet you wish you were here!

The runway back in Male' 36/18 of course this kind of landing area requires shoes, no thanks! : )

I love these opportunities along with a Co-Pilot who knows how to get me the best angle! Thanks Mauroof!

As you get of the Jetty at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru you are greeted with a path lined with majestic Palm trees.

I like to think I have keen sense for adventure but as I was taking this picture I couldn't help thinking that this ship crossing the Indian Ocean is a little more adventure than I would appreciate!

This is more like it! Emirate's 777 taxiing to position on RWY 36 in Male'. In fact this is the flight number that will take me home at the end of this tour!

Well that it for now. I know I usually get a few more pictures up and I hope that will be the case next week!

If you are a coming to the Maldives and are traveling on MAT keep an eye out on the dock for me! I always enjoy meeting new people especially ones who have seen the blog!

All the best....

one of the many barefoot pilots!!!


  1. AWESOME! Many pilots? Nah. All told pilots who have flown seaplanes in the Maldives are fewer than half the amount of people who have climbed Mt Everest!!!

  2. Thanks Captain!
    When you put in those terms I guess that does make us pretty unique indeed!