Thursday, June 16, 2011

The City of Male' In Black And White Pt II

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My second post in my black and white series focused on the capital city Male'

My evololution as a photographer or perhaps better stated as I journey further into the world of photography I find myself looking for new ways to present subject matter.

I like black and white. In my mind gives a compelling perspective perhaps even more so than colour images.

I love being a photographer and I hope that the images I present here will speak to you even if you haven't been to the city. I really hope those of you who are there now or have been before recognize and see the city in new way.

The streets of Male' are narrow and most times filled with people. The city moves in its own unique way. You soon learn how to make it work for you though it requires you to adapt rather than push back.

Narrow streets navigated by motorcycles and cars. Just go with the flow and you will do just fine!

If you been to my blog before you will recognize this fellow! He is such a character and so willing to strike a pose.

As the school lets out the streets fill with people,cars,bikes and motorcycles. As I was walking along one day I stopped to record the scene.

I love these moments. I could barely manage my camera. In all of this though people were, for the most part ignoring me and allowing me to record this "normal" everyday event. I love the eye that having a camera gives me.

Just outside the Museum stands this amazing tree! I had to lie on the ground to capture this one! Well worth the effort.

Sunset in black and white.

On the dhoni ride from the airport to Male' I usually ride on the top as result I manage to get some pretty cool shots. I really like this one and I love the edge that the absence of colour gives this image.

On the main street of Majeedee Magu. I positioned myself across from the movie theatre and snapped away. The blur of the motorcycle gives the image "texture".

Down by the fish market is a great place to be as a photographer. So much going on. Bucket of Tuna anyone!

Not long before he fades into the crowd.

The similarities that coastal cities share is intriguing. Male's is something like 15000 miles from the Northwest coast of BC where I grew up, none the less this image could have easily been taken there. With a minor substitution on the type of fish in his hand!

Watching the fish come in to market.

Simply impossible for me not to take a picture of this guy. Love the attitude and that hair is awesome!

So many people crowd that fish market. So many stories waiting to be told.

As I stand with my back up against the wall of a warehouse full of people and goods, about 150 feet from this guy. It is hot,35c+. Noisy as well with the sounds of motorcycles,cars,boats,people, all moving about in a deliberate manner.There is also that odour of sea air mixed with,exhaust,fish,spice,dust and a thousand or more people moving about. In the middle of it all, this guy.

In some respects I guess I am a bit of a voyeur. I really mean nothing by it. When I have a camera,in particular one with a long lens on it, I really like to observe my environment.

As I said it is a bustling city but once and awhile you can be walking along and come across a silent nearly empty street. A city of contrast in black and white.

Waiting for a cab.

On most nights you will find these 3 sitting by one of the entrance lights on the North side of Male'

With a thunderstorm approaching from the West it is all smiles. I took so many of these guys I paid them twenty bucks! More to come ......

Seems so lonely. All around the cemetery though it is vibrating with activity.

High above Male'. These fellows work day in and day out. Mostly with very little in the way of power tools. In almost every case in flip flops. Blazing sun or pouring rain.

Thanks for taking the time to make it this far. I really enjoy putting these photos up here. I hope whether you are from Male',live there now or have never been that you have found some of these images compelling.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The City of Male' In Black And White

Hi there and welcome to the blog! My ongoing photographic adventure through the Maldives.

Over the next few posts I am going to put myself out there and explore the area of black and white photography. With such colour vibrancy here in the Maldives it may seem a little out of sorts to go black and white. I think, however, there is plenty of reasons to render these images in black and white.

The Maldives are a unique and inspiring place photograph.I feel that the obvious contrast between black and white along with the simplicity of an unsaturated image provide another layer to the environment here.One that is perhaps overwhelmed by the colour that is simply everywhere.

So the next few posts I will be making are of and about Male'. The city and the people. All to be rendered in black and white. These posts will be more about my perceptive and the way I photograph my surroundings as apposed to me telling stories about my life as a pilot.

From Rob the photographer, Male in Black and White part 1.

"Capital City, the Island of Male' "

"Capital City, the Island of Male' "

"Capital City, the Island of Male' "


"Capital City, the Island of Male' "

"Capital City, the Island of Male' "

"Capital City, the Island of Male' "

"Capital City, the Island of Male' "

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Thanks for the time.

One of the barefootpilots!