Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Little Help From Your Friends

Hey there and welcome to my blog chronicling my flying and photographic adventures here in the Maldives. 

This past week I was seen running around our dock with my camera in hand  taking as many pictures I could of the  people that work at Maldivian Air Taxi, with the odd Trans Maldivian Airlines type in the mix. I would like to thank everyone who joined in to be a part of a photo montage I sent off to our good friend and colleague Ken Simkins.

I would also like to apologize to those of you that I didn't manage to catch. I gave myself a bit of time limit so I could get the message of support off to him within the week. I hope that those of you who I missed understand .

Thanks to all!

I posted a slideshow to facebook that was a low resolution version I sent of to our buddy. In this post I have managed to link the high resolution version of our efforts! Again many thanks I am told that Ken has seen the photo and later today he will be watching the slideshow.

I would like to share with you all a quote that the people of Tropic Maldives posted to my facebook wall.

 "Your success is your true friends,
no matter how far you go,
without them you are nothing but a man with few badges and a name starts with "Mr".
Always keep your friends near reach."

With that in mind I hope you will enjoy Kens Slideshow!
(If you have the bandwidth may I humbly suggest you select 1080HD for the playback,selectable after you hit the play button.)

Even you counted all the people in this picture and multiplied them by ten you'd still not get to the number of people who are pulling for Ken to make a speedy recovery!

On some very special mornings the light conspires to give you a fleeting moment of golden bliss! I quickly grabbed my camera and hopped on top of the wing for this one!

Making it look easy Ulrik brings the lovely girl we call the Twin Otter to the dock!

Just after Ulrik shuts down the engines another one comes in for a landing on the South Right waterway!

Bringing her in for a soft landing is Pawel and his crew. 

If you look behind the aircraft you can see how the airplane creates a wake of disturbed air. Now think about this for a moment, if a plane that weighs in at 12500 lbs ( fully loaded ) does that imagine what one weighing 500,000 lbs leaves behind! Beware of the wake turbulence!

I just love the look of this airport.

And again!

High above 8Q-MBA. With a good zoom and some selective cropping to give you a better view.

Captain Arif and his crew on final approach at Constance Moofushi .

There is something so magical , geometrical and symmetrical about how these Atoll's are laid out.

I am far from being able to explain it other than to say that these are the remnants of mountain ranges long since submerged.

Inside the ring water depths are in and around 40 metres, on the outside I have been told the water drops off to uncertain depths approaching 4000 metres!

  The most lovely and trustworthy PT6-27A engine purring away as the coral reefs pass underneath.

On days like these it hard to imagine doing anything else than barefoot flying!

Love it when rain showers look like this.5 minutes and they move along! Wish they all did this but of course if they always were this tiny would make the job of flying barefoot way to easy!

Ah yes the North Ari atoll!

The jigsaw puzzle that is the Capital City!

And high above are the men who put it together!

Well I will end this post with a lovely sunset taken out at Sun Island Resort!

Hope you enjoyed you visit.

All the best from Rob one of the barefoot pilots!