Thursday, September 29, 2011

Part Two!

Hello and welcome to my blog that showcases my adventures in the Maldives as seen through the lens of my camera.

As the title suggests this is a continuation of a previous post. I had so many images prepared last week that it seemed a little crazy to post them all at once! So here are the rest for you to see while I work on which ones to post from this past week.

I hope you will see something you like and stay tuned for my next post!

High above the city of Male'! Zoomed in with my 100 to 400 lens! The maze of streets that is the capital city!

I am always , or at least I like to think that I am, prepared for the shot. I got this one of my colleagues as they were landing beside us  at the seaplane base.

On final approach  South Right in Male'!

First thing in the morning I was able to find time climb  on top of the Twin Otter that I was flying that day and get a quick shot of the passengers boarding their flight.

Captain Bob and his First Mate Jean Marie bringing her back to the dock at the seaplane base!

I am an equal opportunity photographer! I got this one as my brothers/sisters in the blue shorts slow to a stop after touching down in Male'.

Waiting to go! I love how the calm water reflects the red of our company colours!

And the reason they were waiting! A tipple 7 full of eager travelers!

I love the glow of the early morning and the late afternoon and on most days, more often than not, I bear witness to both! The sun is just nestling down behind the clouds.

On their way back home aboard a dhoni.

I am not the only one who likes taking pictures of the setting sun!

The golden light and calm waters. What better time to go swimming! The Otter floats gently moored to its buoy.

A dhoni crew.

Chatting it up with friends.

As I continue this guided tour through my images we return to the float base in Male'. The dock is full and the Twin Otters are awaiting the next trip. 

The new Chief Pilot, Lasse, bringing the DHC6 to the dock in Male'.

When the water is calm the reflections are so intriguing to me. Crisp on top and like a blurry oil painting on bottom.

On the take off run North Left waterway in Male'.

And just before they launch, Ben looks over for a quick picture.

And in this one Bob is bringing her to the starting line at the seaplane base in Male'.

Touching down on the South Right waterway in Male'

As I was standing on the seawall watching the seaplane action it was hard for me not to notice these guys working their butts of in the afternoon sun.

One of our GRO's Sebastian watching as his customers are making it to the dock.

Under the watchful eye of the tower controllers the Otters are coming and going.

A job with a lot of responsibility and great view to boot! My thanks to the great effort the controllers make each and every day!

Jeff landing 8Q-MAN on the North Right waterway.

From high above the lagoon at Sun Island . The departing and arriving passengers are meeting each other as they pass from Twin Otter to Dhoni via the floating platform.

Here we are with that calm Indian Ocean providing a mirror like surface. No wind makes it pretty warm indeed but provides amazing photographs!

The view from the deck at Grand Centara Resort!

Now we return back to the base in Male' and some morning light!

It is a great time of the day to be on standby and also to have a camera in hand!

Love it!

 And keeping those planes moving are the people of our maintenance department.

Thanks for stopping by. I am hard at work preparing more images so there will be another post very soon so check here again soon!

All the best and til the next time cia from one of the barefoot pilots!