Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunrise To Sunset, The Super Natural Maldives!

I've been a busy guy these past few weeks. Flying around the Maldives  photographing the amazing vistas  this part of the world presents.

So many of my days start early and end around the time the sun is setting. Sometimes I feel a little depleted by the end of the week !On my final day of work  week,when I am back in my apartment, I sort through the many  images I have shot and  it always re-energizes me!

Though I do download my images into my computer during the work week,  it is very rare that I have the time to review what I have captured. This usually means that I have a number of photos to go through after 5 days of shooting! Then comes the even harder part which is how to to decide what to post!

I realize that I take a lot of pictures of my favorite plane but I also get some tremendous landscapes of this place called the Maldives! I do keep telling myself I have to do a better job to get more of my people shots up! I think that will be the focus of my next post or at least in part!

In the meantime please have a look at my some of my latest images in a collection I have called sunrise to sunset here in the super natural Maldives!

Some mornings are simply made for the photographer. 
These momentary glimpses of,  what I consider to be simply glorious light, do not last long and I am so happy I was up to capture and preserve this particular moment!

I just loved how the cloud had formed in this predawn moment. It was as if it what placed there by an unseen artist's paint brush!

Only moments away from the sun rising above the Eastern horizon.

This next sequence of shots is taken up at Palm Beach Resort . It is a rather "tight " landing area just beside the beach. I knew that Captain Angie and her crew were on their way in and I just had enough time to ready my camera.

I am glad I did ! In this one they are just passing beside us while we were tied to the jetty.

I soon realized that my timing became even better because as we were leaving so were they so I was able to snap off a few more them from 500 feet above them!

Like I said it is a tight area to land and take off in. There is only a narrow channel on the reef that is deep enough for us to use.

On a really low tide it is unsealable and we actually back onto the beach on the other side. Check out some of my earlier posts and you will see a few shots of how we do that!

After a great takeoff they are on their way! See you back at the base Angie!

Here is a shot from the other side of Palm Beach. I was backed up on the beach in order to allow enough room for my colleagues to land. I certainly didn't mind the slight delay, camera was ready as usual!

 Continuing on 8Q-MBB landing at Constance Moofushi! A fabulous resort located in the South Ari Atoll!

The colours of midday are amazing. Even in the bright midday sun!

Back at the base in Male' Angie's husband Steve brings the Twin Otter in for a smooth landing on the North Right Waterway.

Our North Jetty at Maldivian Air Taxi.

And of course there are the Atolls! This is the the North East side of the North Male' Atoll !

An aerial view of Constance Moofushi !

Just a little North of Moofushi is the island of 

The Western edge of the Lhaviyani Atoll.

A young guy  enjoying a day on a Hobie Cat. In the background the island resort of Athuruga !

In the right corner is the island resort of Bathala and stretching to the south is the East edge of the North Ari Atoll.

As I flew along on another day I was able to capture this seen of the South East side of the Vaavu Atoll.

Again the majesty of the Vaavu Atoll!

Located in the Noonu Atoll the island of Holhudoo.

The South Eastern side of the Raa Atoll. Like cookies on a pan, these islands have the appearance of being placed there with purpose. A submerged mountain range now barely a metre above sea level. I am told that between the various atolls the water level plunges to depths of close to 4000 metres!

Another view of the North Male Atoll, along its North Eastern side while looking South.

And another one!

We were high above the Lhaviyani Atoll when I got the next series of shots! This is the South East side.

It is rare to be so cloud free! In fact on the next trip North there was scattered cloud everywhere. Still would make a nice picture but would not show nearly as much of the spectacular nature of this Atoll!
In the fore ground is the island of Thilamaafushi.

The Lhaviyani Atoll is a large one! I could not manage to get the whole thing in side my composition, even though we were 7000 feet high! Oh well I still think it is a great shot!

Almost done with this Atoll called Lhaviyani. In the foreground is the island resort of Kuredu folllowed by Kanahura and just east of it is Palm Beach Resort.

Bringing you back now to the Ari Atoll and the Constance Moofushi once again!

Looking North along the Eastern edge of the South Ari Atoll.

These hidden mountain ranges have really evolved into something truly wondrous and I believe the South Ari is evidence of that!

Leaving the Ari Atoll now with one more glimpse!

With setting sun I wind down this post! In this shot I caught Flat and his crew landing at the seaplane base in Male'.

The warmth of the colours that the setting sun provides is truly awesome.

It is as if it melts in to the Indian Ocean!

Glorious rays!

Well that is all for now. I hoped you enjoyed the images I have presented here. Please feel free to leave comments and of course share with all your friends!

From one of the Barefoot pilots.